\frac{p}{q} = 5 \frac{500}{p} = 2



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//RC stuff <tr><td class="mw-enhanced-rc"><img src="Arr_.png" width="12" height="12" alt=" " title="" />      03:35 </td><td style="padding:0px;"> <a href="/wiki/User:Isdrakth%C3%BCl" title="User:Isdrakthül">User:Isdrakthül</a>‎ (<a href="/index.php?title=User:Isdrakth%C3%BCl&curid=2084&diff=4695&oldid=4651" tabindex="3">diff</a> | <a href="/index.php?title=User:Isdrakth%C3%BCl&curid=2084&action=history" title="User:Isdrakthül">hist</a>) . . (-59) . . <a href="/wiki/User:Isdrakth%C3%BCl" title="User:Isdrakthül" class="mw-userlink">Isdrakthül</a> (<a href="/wiki/User_talk:Isdrakth%C3%BCl" title="User talk:Isdrakthül">Talk</a> | <a href="/wiki/Special:Contributions/Isdrakth%C3%BCl" title="Special:Contributions/Isdrakthül">contribs</a> | <a href="/wiki/Special:Block/Isdrakth%C3%BCl" title="Special:Block/Isdrakthül">block</a>) (Update.)</td></tr>

\lim_{z \to 0}(\sum_{n=s}^{t}x_n \times m^n) - (((\sum_{n=s}^{t}x_n \times m^n) - z) % ((m-1) \times m^s)) = (\sum_{n=s}^{t}x_n \times m^n) - \sum_{n=s}^{t}x_n , x_n \in [0, m-1] , x_n \text{ is an integer}

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